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Article on hunger in the Daily Beast »

The Daily Beast website has a special section today devoted to hunger and the working poor. I have an article, based on my book reporting, in this section.

Obama year one »

Here’s a link to an article I just posted on the Guardian’s  Comment Is Free website on the first anniversary of Obama’s election to the presidency. 

Abramsky podcast on Truthdig »

Truthdig has just put up a long interview with me about my book.

Breadline USA »

Just a quick note to readers. Having written three books on crime and punishment themes, I’ve moved on. My new book is titled Breadline USA: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger and How to Fix It.  The title is somewhat self-explanatory… but I’ll explain anyway: It’s the story of modern-day poverty in America, the sort of […]

The Muhammad Ali Moment »

My piece in today’s Guardian newspaper:
Last week I convinced my editors to let me write a piece on the fabled “Brokered Convention.” To U.S. political junkies born in the past half century, this is a mythic beast, like the unicorn or snow leopard… It might or might not exist, it might or might not be […]

Edwards for Labor Secretary, Anderson for Green Czar. »

A slightly modified version of some suggestions I made in a recent piece for the Guardian:
Nevada’s Democratic caucus last week and South Carolina’s Democratic primary today mean two things: firstly, enough people now consider the Democratic race to be two-person affair that Edwards is rapidly devolving into a sideshow. He still may score moderately well in […]

Beyond Horseracing »

So, two down, forty eight to go. Yes, primary season is a long process, and, yes, I know, many of you are already bored to death of the horserace.
Will it be Obama, will it be Clinton, could Edwards possibly complicate the duel? Will McCain finally get his day in the sun, or will the genial, […]

The madness of George »

A piece I just wrote for the Guardian newspaper’s comments is free section:
Webster’s dictionary defines “inanity” as a combination of vapidness and pointlessness, as something lacking in substance. Add an “s” into the mix, and the dictionary defines “insanity” as either a deranged state of mind, unsoundness of mind, a lack of mental capacity, or […]

four dollar gallon »

In June 2000, then-presidential candidate George W. Bush told reporters, according to CNN, that Al Gore was responsible for spiking oil prices. Gore, said the GOP man, “writes in a book that he thinks we ought to have higher fuel prices, and now that he’s running for president and there’s higher fuel prices, he seems […]

Wild fires »

I’ve spent the past several days stunned by the size of the wildfires consuming much of California. I lived in San Diego during the last bout with disaster, in October 2003. This time, however, while a fewer number of houses have been consumed statewide, the concentration of buildings lost in the San Diego area is […]