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four dollar gallon »

In June 2000, then-presidential candidate George W. Bush told reporters, according to CNN, that Al Gore was responsible for spiking oil prices. Gore, said the GOP man, “writes in a book that he thinks we ought to have higher fuel prices, and now that he’s running for president and there’s higher fuel prices, he seems […]

Wild fires »

I’ve spent the past several days stunned by the size of the wildfires consuming much of California. I lived in San Diego during the last bout with disaster, in October 2003. This time, however, while a fewer number of houses have been consumed statewide, the concentration of buildings lost in the San Diego area is […]

Center Force Summit »

I’m off in the morning to San Francisco, to a two day criminal justice forum.
The center-piece of the event is a “Socratic Dialogue” between various criminal justice reformers the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, and various prison administrators and employees. What will they say? That, I guess, I’ll have to wait to find out. What […]

Explaining the world to a four year old »

My four year old daughter’s been asking me a lot of questions about politics recently. She knows I’m a journalist — indeed has started saying “Hey! Journalist!” when she wants my attention. And she loves listening to the news with my wife and I. She asks me political questions all the time, so many that […]